The Saved?

Who are the saved? Those who God has chosen. But should we assume our place in the Kingdom and treat others as condemned? Click HERE for the video and discussion questions.

Year C:
The Gospel of Luke

Date of Authorship

Structure of Luke

Commentary on Luke

The evangelist penned the two part work scholars call "Luke-Act."  His gospel combined the majority of Mark's, passages he shared with Matthew (called the "Q" source) and original traditions in a highly stylized Greek prose.


Kerygma and Charism

Luke-Acts focused on the work of the Spirit in word and deed.  Kerygma was the Spirit-driven message proclaimed.  Charism was the act of the believer that manifest the power of the Spirit.  Both demanded a reaction from those who witnessed the Spirit acting in and through Christians.

Spiritual Gifts

Charisms came in different forms:  speaking in tongues, prophecy, healing, prayers and visions.  Some of these spiritual gifts fortified the community.  Others evangelized outsiders.  For Luke and the Pauline churches, charisms were a sign of God acting in their midst.