"What is the Most Important Commandment?"

In this Sunday's gospel, a scribe inquired into the heart of Jesus' teachings.  Of all the edicts in the Law, which one was primary?  Click HERE for discussion/reflection questions to the above video.

Year B:
The Gospel of Mark

Date of Authorship

Structure of Mark

Commentary on Mark

Mark was the first written gospel we possess. His hurried narrative should not fool us into a sense of shallowness. He might not have written in the most elegant Greek found in the New Testament. But he composed a tightly organized structure that conveyed his belief in "Jesus Christ, the Son of God."


Son of Man, Son of God

The preamble to Mark's gospel referred to Jesus as the "Son of God." Yet, in the writing, Jesus called himself the "Son of Man." What is the significance of each title? What do they mean? What is the relationship between them?

Life in the Community

Life in the local churches revolved around worship.  This activity included celebrations of initiation (Baptism), meal gatherings (especially Eucharist) and the reading/commentary on Scripture.